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Rapunzel's entire life her tower and hiding her mysterious wolven abilities from the outside world, until one day she's offered an escape and ventures into the unknown despite the rapidly approaching full moon...

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Rapunzel is just your average teenage girl... except for the whole "werewolf thing." Bitten and turned into a monster at a young age, Rapunzel brutally murdered her parents and was taken in by the Old Witch next door. For 10 years she's called this lonely tower her home and the manipulative old hag her mother. Rapunzel is as effervescent as she is dangerous, and has been boxed in by the Witch's warped ideals her whole life. Trapped in a label, Rapunzel yearns to know who she truly is- the bubbly exterior? Or the beast within. When Castellan stumbles upon her tower she is positively swept off her paws and follows him in search of a new life, and maybe even love

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Castellan is "the man." High School is his kingdom and his classmates his adoring subjects. But don't let that suave exterior fool you- he's a softy. Arkala High's golden boy has been chased by girls his entire life, but no one has caught his eye quite like Rapunzel. His swagger melts in her scruffy presence, exposing him as the hopeless romantic he truly is. Castellan is everything the Old Witch is not- stable good natured and genuine (underneath that cool exterior). When Castellan finds Rapunzel's tower, his life is changed forever. Literally. He trades those dazzling pearly whites for fangs in the name of love

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The Old Witch is as conniving and manipulative as they come. Ever since discovering Rapunzel the night of her first transformation, the Old Witch has exploited her adoptive daughter's powers for financial gain. Using the mysterious properties of Rapunzel's teeth hair and fangs, she's made a business of potion making. She is cold, ambitious, cruel, and arrogant. The Old Witch projects her traditional ways onto Rapunzel, deeming her unruly and unlovable. So, when Rapunzel escapes her towering prison, she races after her, prepared to save... or stop her  at all costs. For who is a mother without a daughter to control

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Rapunzel Environment
Rapunzel Environment
Rapunzel Environment
Rapunzel Environment
Rapunzel Environment
Rapunzel Environment
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