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'Unbridled is my own personal twist on Rapunzel. Rapunzel's entire life her tower and hiding her mysterious wolven abilities from the outside world, until one day she's offered an escape by the dashing Castellan and ventures into the unknown despite the rapidly approaching full moon... For this project I took great care exploring Rapunzel's tower and how it reflects her upbringing. Most of the space is occupied by her adoptive guardian, the Old Witch, who uses Rapunzel's fangs, claws, and hair for her potions. The tower is overtaken by her bottles and books, but Rapunzel has a getaway on the top floor. In the astronomy tower she studies and the moon and the stars, obsessed with understanding her condition and desperate to know if she is truly the monster the Old Witch says she is.


'Undercamp' is a story inspired my old summer camp- with fun, spooky twist. This waterlogged epic follows a group of counselors and campers as the dive below Camp Shadow Nook into Lake Pall in search of missing campers. Unbeknownst to them, the sunken cabins and terrifying creatures they encounter are closely linked to Camp Shadow Nook's tragic past... the lake dwellers, themselves, were once campers until they went down with the camp in a terrible storm and were transformed into the haunting figures they are today.

Undercamp Environment
Undercamp Callouts
Undercamp Callouts

The lake dwellers built this subaqueous version of Camp Shadow Nook in the depths of Lake Pall from the wreckage of the storm of '72. They now live among the algae, water moccasins, and sunken canoes beneath the cheery camp, never to return to land. Their bodies have adapted to this environment- gills and all.

Shadow Nook Callouts
Shadow Nook Callouts

Cabins far from the banks of the lake were spared by the storm of '73, but everything else was rebuilt. As a result, Camp Shadow Nook is a hodge-podge of old and new wood. Campers are divided into two teams for the summer- Dentro and Limni. They compete in everything from swimming to horseback riding to win points for their teams to hopefully win the cup.


"Little Duck" is a personal project about me and my brother. In this project I tried to capture what it means to be a sibling through ducks... in space. This conceptual and ethereal depiction of family dynamics is accompanied by a recording of a conversation between me and my brother about our relationship. 'Little Duck' is very special to me and is a project I hope to keep developing post-graduation


'Stranger Things' is one of my favorite TV shows, so I was quick to use it as inspiration for this creature design. 'Strahd' references a Dungeons and Dragons character of the same name. Said DnD character, Strahd Von Zarovich, is a powerful, ancient vampire and master necromancer. Originally introduced in 1983, Strahd is a popular villain described as alluring, attractive, cunning, chilling, and manipulative. His powers include necromancy, charm, and shapeshifting, among others, which all inspired my development of this creature. This creature's primary function is to kill, but without the advantage of brute force his predatory strategy behaves like “aggressive mimicry” seen in creatures like Angler Fish. The lure on Strahd’s head triggers something akin to a “programmed illusion” when prey spots it within a 500 foot range- victims will see and hear Strahd wants them to, enticing them to approach. These visual and auditory hallucinations are often of loved ones, and are projected onto dead corpses that Strahd reanimates. Whilst victims are busy interacting with these undead puppets, Strahd strikes with his tail and drains them of their blood through the mosquito-like pricker on the end.

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