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These characters are for my personal project, 'Little Duck.' I designed these characters with a 2D rig in mind to preserve painterly textures and to achieve a transparency effect. I wanted them to partially fade against the night sky so that the stars would show through their skin. There constellations on the inner wing, relevant to the themes of the story, and glowing contour lines. Since this project is very conceptual, I wanted to keep the shapes simple while making the design ethereal

Unbridled Lineup
Rapunzel Sketches
Witch Sketches


This character lineup is for my project 'Unbridled,' which is a fun twist on the classic story Rapunzel. In this telling, Rapunzel is a werewolf and her adoptive guardian, the Old Witch, uses Rapunzel's magical properties for her potions. It isn't until the dashing Castellan stumbles upon Rapunzel's tower one day that she finally learns what it means to be herself.

For this lineup I wanted to focus on how shape and color reflect character, and how they can be (intentionally) misleading as well. Rapunzel has circular shapes inside of triangles to show that she is friendly, but trapped by her negative label. The Witch has sharp edges but has dressed herself in soft shapes to disguise her true intentions. Castellan is made up of rounded squares to show that he is both kind and grounded